Cleveland Composers Guild members and supporters.


To become a member, composers submit a portfolio of works to the Chairperson, who gives them to the membership committee, which evaluates them for professional competence. We expect members to be participatory and to attend meetings, which are generally held before our concerts to make attendance easier (and to limit the length of the meeting!) If you are interested in becoming a member CONTACT US.

Below you will find the current roster of members with links to any pertinent information about them. Some additional information on past and present members of the Guild can be found at the University of Akron Cleveland Composers Guild Archive.

Chris Auerbach-Brown

Larry Baker

Robert A. Beckstrom

Sebastian Birch

Margaret Brouwer

Eric Charnofsky

Loris Chobanian

Jennifer Conner

Ty Alan Emerson

Kevin Eppich

Paul Epstein

Keith Fitch

David Gooding

Mary Ann Griebling

Stephen T. Griebling

Margi Griebling-Haigh

Joseph Hollings

Colin Holter

Marcia Kraus

David Kulma

Scott Michal

Jeffrey Mumford

Geoffrey Peterson

Jeremy Piper

Nicholas Puin

Jeffrey Quick

Ryan Charles Ramer

William F. Rayer

Robert Rollin

Lorenzo Salvagni

Matthew Saunders

Alissa Shuster

Dawn Sonntag

Stephen Stanziano

Nicholas Underhill

Dolores White

James Wilding

Frank Wiley

Kevin Wilson