William F. Rayer

William F. Rayer is a composer, trumpet player, author, and painter. He is a member of the Cleveland Composers Guild, ASCAP, and the International Trumpet Guild. His undergraduate degree is a B.A. in Music Education from Kent State University. He has a Master of Arts degree in Music Composition from Cleveland State University. He has written many compositions which have been performed by area orchestras and bands including the Ohio Chamber Orchestra, Lakeland Civic Band, Lakeland Civic Orchestra, Lorain Civic Orchestra as well as local high schools and junior high schools. In the spring of 2007 the Lakeland Civic Orchestra premiered his work “Pluto, Requiem For A Dead Planet” which was inspired by a Newsweek article of the same name. In 2008, the Lorain Civic Orchestra premiered his work The Reach Beyond Tomorrow, an orchestral background to his book by the same name. In 2012 he was commissioned to write a work called Celebration Overture for Symphony West Orchestra commemorating the Symphony’s 50th anniversary. In early 2015 he had a trumpet solo premiered in Paris, France. He performs regularly as the principle trumpet of the Lorain Civic Orchestra, the Broadale Brass Sextet and the Vermilion Civic Band. He has completed two novels called The Reach Beyond Tomorrow, The Legacy of Pnomos and The Lost Clan available at Lulu.com and Amazon.com.


Artist, Author, Arranger, Composer, Musician


Member: Cleveland Composers Guild, ASCAP, ITG


Lorain Community Orchestra, October 13, 2018 performing the Lost Clan for Orchestra



The Christmas Prayer

Come to the Fair

Medieval Reflections

Remember Me

America, Land of the Free

March of the Candy Canes

Chamber Ensemble

The Timeless Moon

Night Trains

Fanfare and Prelude on a Theme by Stravinsky

A Classical Gallery for Guitar Quartet

Fun at the Brass: Brass Quartet

Night Moods

Nova for Woodwind Trio

Dirac Sea for Woodwind Quintet

Dreamland for Mixed Ensemble

Dance Suite for Flute Trio

Conversations in a crowded Restaurant for Woodwind Quintet

Night Poem


Divine Comedy: Inferno Canto I


Here Comes the Sun

In Your Eyes

New Year’s Wish, A

Remember Me

Suspended Heroes


Chaos Dreams

Reach Beyond Tomorrow, The – 4 movements

The Lost Clan

Pluto, Requiem for a Dead Planet

Solo Instrument

Trumpet Solos:





Fantasy for Trumpet

In the Mirror

Joke, The


Sadly, I Dance

Clarinet Solos:

Cosmos I

Flute Solos:

Memories of Childhood Dreams

Solo Vocal

Two Poems of Pablo Neruda

Solo Vocal Pop Style

Baby Jesus

Busy Lives

Devils Own



Treat One Another

Walking With God

Where Life Takes Me

Where the Sun Shines Bright