William F. Rayer

William F. Rayer is a retired music teacher having taught music for 28 years in the Mayfield School System. His undergraduate degree is a B.A. in Music Education from Kent State University. He has a Master of Arts degree in Music Composition from Cleveland State University where he studied music composition from Bain Murray and Rudy Bubalo. He was a member of the Cleveland Composer’s Guild From 1974 to 1980 but became inactive to raise a family. He re-activated his membership to the Cleveland Composer’s Guild in June of 2008. He has written many compositions which have been performed by area orchestras and bands including the Ohio Chamber Orchestra, Lakeland Civic Band, Lakeland Civic Orchestra as well as local high schools and junior high schools.  In the spring of 2007 the Lakeland Civic Orchestra premiered his work “Pluto, Requiem For A Dead Planet” which was inspired by a Newsweek article of the same name. He performs regularly as the principle trumpet of the Lorain Community Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Robert Beckstrom. In the past he has performed with the Lakeland Jazz Band, Lakeland Concert Band, and the Lakeland Civic Orchestra. He performs solo and duo acts of popular music at area nursing homes and plays in the Broadale Brass Sextet led by John Simna. He has completed a novel with an accompanying compact disc of original music written by him for the novel called The Reach Beyond Tomorrow which is currently in the hands of the Two Harbors Publishing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Events for William F. Rayer

Greater Cleveland Flute Society: 7:00 pm, Composers Connection Concert, First Unitarian Church of Cleveland, 21600 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Heights, 44122. Performing my latest flute work called: Night Trains for Flute Choir

Catalog of Works


The Christmas Prayer

Come to the Fair

Medieval Reflections

[tab:Chamber Ensemble]

The Timeless Moon

Night Trains


Here Comes the Sun

In Your Eyes

New Year’s Wish, A

Remember Me

Suspended Heroes


Chaos Dreams

Reach Beyond Tomorrow, The – 4 movements

Pluto, Requiem for a Dead Planet

[tab:Solo Instrument]

Trumpet Solos:



Fantasy for Trumpet

In the Mirror

Joke, The


Sadly, I Dance

[tab:Solo Vocal]

Baby Jesus

Busy Lives

Devils Own



Treat One Another

Walking With God

Where Life Takes Me

Where the Sun Shines Bright


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