Microsoft Soon To Launch Windows 9 Beta Called “THRESHOLD”

Microsoft will soon be launching Windows 9 along with Windows 9 beta. Soon after that, a preview for download will be available. This new system is likely to patch up the various problems faced while using Windows. According to sources, Microsoft will deliver a technology preview of Windows 9 or Windows Threshold operating system in sometime around the end of September or in the beginning of October 2015. Mary Jo Foley broke the news at ZDNet. Confirmations were received from her sources that general people will be allowed to download the brand new Window 9 after the preview launch.

The Technology Preview of Threshold or Windows 9

The Windows 9 beta will normally be presented to the developers first around 5-6 months prior to its availability with users to avoid the difficulties faced with Windows 8. Windows 10 taskbar not responding. Once ready, it will be launched for general use.

Normally the Windows 9 or Threshold Technology preview will be accessible in several languages. Both the versions of 32 bit and 64 bit will be available. At what time and the exact numbers of Windows 9 beta that will be obtainable to the users are not known exactly.

It is known from sources that Microsoft is on the verge of updating the Windows sometimes at the end of 2014 or 2015. It is codenamed Threshold. But before that Microsoft has plans to update the existing Windows 8.1 and calls it Windows 8.1 update 1.

A very recent rumor is heard which says that there is the possibility that Microsoft may put forward a very special version of Windows. This will be mainly targeted towards ventures which will be allowing consumers to completely disable the Start screen.

Windows Threshold will be mainly focusing on the desktop users. In view of the fact that the huge majority of consumers will come from those using Windows 7 and is keen on an upgrade, Microsoft is getting ready a huge set of improvements for those users. The Start screen or the Start menu choices will differ depending on the type of gadget where Windows will be installed. Take the desktop users for example who may choose to avoid the Start Screen menu completely with the aid of the forthcoming Start Menu. This will contain Live Tiles as well as Modern UI applications.

Microsoft has a great deal of taste for compromises that are uncomfortable. There are rumors strong enough to suggest that Windows 9 of Microsoft will not keep the feature Charms bar, a menu that pops out from the right side containing buttons like share, search, settings, and start. This is for desktop users. But this feature will remain as it is on smaller touch-screen devices and tablets.

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